Comfydown Cottage

Address Withheld



Dear Sir Richard


I am writing on behalf of my wife Gloria, I’m her husband. You see Gloria has always dreamt of being an airline pilot. Ever since she was a little girl, when she played, she always pretended she was Amy Johnson or Amelia Erhart ‘flying’ to school in the mornings. Her father made her a set of wings but as these where made from timber and corrugated iron she never enjoyed using them.


Even in later years her joy of flying is apparent, mind you when Concorde was being tested her impression of Brian Trubshaw and her uncanny sonic boom often scared customers in Tesco.  The police frequently stop her for driving our Austin Maxi wearing flying goggles, an artificial arm she bought at an hospital surplus auction out one window and her own arm out the other.


Anyway, to my point. Gloria would dearly love to fly one of your aircraft. She doesn’t mind what size it is but it must be a jet as they make a better noise. She has been practising on the flight simulator game we have for the Commodore 64 and she can land a De Havilland Chipmunk 7 times out of ten, not bad you must admit for a novice. I’m sure she would feel more confident if there was a co pilot there with her who knew what to do if she messed up, which lets face it is bound to happen.


So I was wondering if you could find your way to let her fly one of your 747s.  Probably best if you give her an old one, just in case. She is a big fan of yours by the way and uses your ‘pickle’ all the time. If you were thinking of August, this is out for us as Gloria is getting her cataracts done.



Yours sincerely




John J Marley