John J Marley Letters'...I always felt he was harmless...although others didn't...'-FORMER WORK COLLEAGUE

  'I got caught and they didnít and Iím fine with that'-WALTER PEEK (neighbour)

'...and such a desirable residence with easily maintained garden...'-STEPHEN POOKE-GRIMBLE (estate agent)

'...John's wife, Gloria, made some interesting food for the buffet...'John J Marley Letters

'...bloody nuisance...'-BERTIE NOAMES (neighbour)

These letters are funny, silly, time wasting letters but they are not spoof or fake. John J Marley is a one and only (apart from Ted L Nancy, Robin Cooper or the Marello letters). i'm her husband. His letters of complaint are a joy to read. imherhusband. Time-wasting. And he will do anything for a search engine to pick up his key words